Saturday, 20 August 2011

See you in September

Cherries are remarkable in many ways. Come spring they blossom into arguably the most beautiful flowers, and the mesmerising cherry blossom rain with which they bless the lucky observers is second to none. Then, come summer, they produce a fruit that is small but bears in its heart the unmistakeable taste of immense beauty. And all they require for so much goodness is a bit of water, a bit of care, and a lot of sunshine. Now imagine you were a Divine Cherry. Just how much sun would you require to truly thrive and shine? And now imagine you were a Celestial Dragon. Would you not want to provide the water, the care and sun? (That one's a rhetorical question).
You may see where this is going.
This is going on holiday. This is going away in the sun, the sea and the selfless indulgence of summer. And this is not coming back until sometime in September. Therefore, this is goodbye for now. But fear not, for once the beatific attraction of warmth and dolce far niente has worn off a bit, and Divine Cherry and Celestial Dragon will have filled up with much-needed sunshine and carelessness, Favoloso Pasticcio will be on its feet again and provide those who want it with new ideas and recipes. We will see you later.

And Spread the Sun

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