Friday, 9 December 2011

Clementines and Cranberries Marmelade

Well here we go. Again. The festive season is approaching. (To be precise and pedantic, though, it would be fairer to say that the Christmas season is approaching, because if you take into account every currently existing calendar, every season and every day is actually a festive season and/or day. Maybe not for you, but surely for someone else somewhere). Anyway, yes. Suddenly, reindeers pop up, old men with unkempt white beards are finally legally allowed to have children play on their laps, and Celestial Dragon shakes his head vigorously. Very vigorously indeed. For Divine Cherry has just had an idea: "how about we try to distill happiness and joy and deliciousness and warmth?" Celestial Dragon shakes his head once again, thinking quite loudly that it's never going to work, after all, we're not all Grenouille's, are we? Plus whisky has already been invented. And yet, at the back of his mind, a teeny tiny voice insists that "i'm sorry, but actually, she may have a good idea indeed. Just giver her a chance."
Celestial Dragon, for all his wisdom and strength, never was able to control his impulsive Id, and so he is forced to agree to at least try to distill the goodness of the world into a jar. With eyes wide shut, he witnesses the following:

Recipe adapted from Delicious magazine (Dec. 2011)
-700g of clementines
-250g of cranberries
-1400g of sugar
-4 unwaxed lemons
-150ml of rum or whisky

Cut the clementines and lemons in half, then squeeze out all their juice taking care to remove the pips. Cut the clementines skins in thin stripes. In a large pan, pour in the fruit juices, the clementine stripes and the used lemons. Cover with 1.2l of water. Leave it cook on moderate heat for 1-1.5 hrs counting from when it boils. When the clementines' skins will be soft, take out the lemon skins, give them another wee squeeze and discard them.
Add the sugar and mix well to melt it. Add the cranberries and cook on moderate heat for 10mins until they'll start to pop. Add the liquor and bring to boil. Let it boil strongly for +- 30mins, until the jam will have thickened.
Note: to check whether or not the consistency is right, put a bit of jam on a cold dish. Incline it gently XXX

Ricetta adattata da Delicious Dec. 2011

-700 g Clementine
-250g Cranberries
-1400 g zucchero
-4 limoni non trattati
-150 ml rum o whisky

Tagliare a meta' le clementine e i limoni, spremere il succo di tutti i frutti privarlo dei semini e metterlo da parte.
Tagliare la buccia delle clementine a striscioline sottili. Versare in una pentola capiente il succo dei frutti, le strisce di clementina e le buccie dei limoni intere. Corire il tutto con 1.2 l di acqua. Porre la pentola sul fuoco e cuocere a fuoco moderato per 1 ora- 1ore e mezza dal bollore, finche' le bucce delle clementine risulteranno molto morbide. A questo punto estrarre le bucce dei limoni, schiacciare un po' del loro succo nelle pentola ed eliminarle.
Aggiungere lo zucchero e mescolare per scioglierlo. Aggiungere i cranberries e cuocere a fuoco medio per una decina di minuti fino a quando inizieranno a scoppiettare. Aggiungere il liquore e portare a ebollizione vivace. Far bollire vivacemente per mezzora circa, finche' la marmellata si sara' addensata.
N.B.: Per verificare la consistenza della marmellata, versare un cucchiaino di marmelleta su un piattino freddo, inclinando il piattino la marmellata si rapprende.

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