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The Bisque-in-the-pot is one of Divine Cherry's wishes come true for it contains everything that's good in the world: bisque de homard, seafood, wine, pastry, and a pot! However, while it may be one of Divine Cherry's wishes, it is also one of Celestial Dragon's dreams come true.
One day, Celestial Dragon and Divine Cherry were wondering what to have for dinner. They were tired of the usual dishes like caviar, Kobe beef or cabbage soup. Especially of cabbage soup; and especially Celestial Dragon. In fact, he was so tired of it that he vowed never to have cabbage soup again. Naturally, he was wrong. Be that as it may, the two of them were looking out of the window when suddenly an old friend showed up: Small Perfect Cloud. It had been gone for a while, chasing after the green rainbows and yellow rains of dreams yet to come. Now, however, it had returned. And it had brought with it a friend. It was a small, small thing. It looked very much like a dragonfly. So much so that one could have thought that it actually was a dragonfly. In fact, it was a dragonfly -- albeit a special one. For it was a magic dragonfly that, in another story, called itself Tinkerbell and covered children with dust, much to their parents' dismay. This time, Tinkerfly or Dragonbell (it is as yet undecided about its own name), upon seeing Divine Cherry's and Celestial Dragon's pensive and morose faces, decided to grant them a wish. And so it was that they both wished for the ideal supper: Divine Cherry wished, very wisely, for a fulfilment of her wish, while Celestial Dragon, perhaps the more puerile of the pair, wished for the fulfilment of a dream. And so it was that they both knew that that evening, instead of cabbage soup, they'd have Bisque-in-the-pot.

Bisque-in-the-pot  For 2 people

- 250g of bisque de homard (leftover or canned)
- 250g fish stock
- bouquet garni 
- 1 tea spoon of tomato purée
- 1/2 glass of white wine
- 12 small scallops, cleaned
- 8 large prawns, cleaned
- half pack of puff pastry
- 20 g of melted butter or 1 egg for egg wash
- black seeds for decoration

Boil  the fish stock, with the bouquet garni, the tea spoon of tomato purée and the glass of wine. Let it reduce for 5-10 minutes. Add the bisque and simmer for 10 minutes, then remove the bouquet garni. In the meanwhile, put in each ovenproof pot 6 scallops and 4 prawns. From the puff pastry cut two circles, 1 cm larger than the pots. When the bisque gets the right density (it depends on your taste, really), cool it down a bit and then pour it over the fish. Run a wet finger over the edge of the pastry circle and seal the pot. Brush the surface with some melted butter  (or egg wash) and sprinkle a few black seeds for decoration.
Cook in the preheated oven (200°C) for 17 minutes. Serve hot.

Note: My bisque was very dense. You should regulate the proportion of bisque/stock depending on the initial density of your bisque.

Bisque-in-the-pot  Dosi per due persone

- 250 g (circa) bisque de de homard (zuppa di astice) avanzata
- 250 ml brodo di pesce
- 1 cucchiaino di concentrato di pomodoro
- bouquet garni (odori misti chiusi in un sacchettino di tela)
- mezzo bicchiere di vino bianco
- 12 canestrelli puliti
- 8 mazzancolle pulite
- mezzo rotolo di pasta sfoglia
- 20 g burro fuso o 1 uovo per spennellare
- semi di sesamo neri per decorare (facoltativi)

In una pentola versare il brodo di pesce, aggiungere un cucchiaino di concentrato di pomodoro, il vino e il bouquet garni. Far bollire e ridurre, aggiungere a questo punto la bisque. Cuocere a fuoco medio fino ad ottenere una consistenza zupposa non troppo liquida. Nel frattempo, dal rotolo di pasta sfoglia ricavare due cerchi di un centimentro piu' grandi delle cocottes. Mettere da parte i cerchi di pasta coperti con pellicola.
Preparare le due cocotte: mettere in ognuna 6 piccoli canestrelli e 4 mazzancolle, coprire con la bisque tiepida, tendosi un centrimetro sotto il bordo della coccotte. Con un dito umido d'acqua bagnare i bordi dei cerchi di pasta sfoglia e farli aderire alle ciotoline come un coperchio. Spennellare con un po' d'uovo o burro fuso, spargere qualche semino nero e infornare per 17 minuti in forno gia' caldo a 200 gradi.

Note: la mia bisque era molto densa per cui l'ho diluita con il brodo e fatta riaddensare un poco. Regolatevi per le quantita' di brodo/bisque a seconda della densita' della vostra.

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